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Two literary events to launch latest Blunden collection

Philip Underwood reviews two literary events at the University of Glasgow and Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, to launch Edmund Blunden Selected Poems edited by Robyn Marsack, published by Carcanet 2018. The article includes a poem written by Margi Blunden, one of Edmund's daughters.

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11 November 1918 - 'And still, the central faith'

To mark 100 years since the end of the First World War, Martin Chown reflects on what remembrance meant to Edmund Blunden and what, perhaps, it means to us today.

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Blunden's War - Part 24: Booted Out

Part 24 of Blunden's War meets Edmund in February 1917 now stationed in Ypres. He is set to work with Worley teaching new troops how to wire in the pouring rain. Blunden is spotted by a visiting General because of his extraordinary boots.

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Blunden's War - Part 23: A German Performance

In the next article of 'Blunden's War' Martin Chown recalls a German raid on one of the coldest nights Blunden had endured out in the open.

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Blunden's War - Part 22: January Full Moon, Ypres

In this article Martin Chown tells us about the visit to Ypres that inspired Blunden's unsettling poem: January Full Moon, Ypres.

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Blunden's War - Part 21: We have come North

January 2017 and Blunden and his Battalion have 'come North'. They are on firm ground but are facing an uncertain future, much like we are today.

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Blunden's War - Part 20: The Talisman - Sgt Worley

Part 20 reintroduces us to Blunden's 'henchman' Sgt Frank Worley. A calm and gentle soldier who was at Blunden's side for over two years. Together they faced every danger the war could throw at them.

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Blunden's War - Part 19: Into German lines - 13 November 1916

Part 19 takes us back to 13 November 1916 to tell of the time Blunden got lost in enemy territory with a runner: 'we pulled ourselves out of the clay and ran.'

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Blunden's War - Part 18: Messages from the heart of the battlefield

In Part 18 Martin Chown consults Blunden's Battalion War Diary for further insight into his war experience. In the Diary there is some absolutely amazing paperwork that puts the reader into the heat of the battle. The article focuses on one of a series of messages from 30/31 October from Colonel Harrison stationed in a deep dugout in St Martin's Lane.

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Blunden's War - Part 17: Stuff Trench 21 - 23 October

Stuff Trench was 'three feet deep, corpses under foot, [and] corpses on the parapet.' In Part 17 of Blunden's War Martin Chown recalls the two day attack that secured the trench but at an enormous cost.

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