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Blunden to feature at the annual John Clare Society Festival 2016

The Annual Lecture at the John Clare Society festival will be given by Margi Blunden, daughter of Edmund Blunden. Blunden did much to make Clare known and Margi's talk will explain how her father came to 'unearth' Clare in the early part of the 20th century.

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100th Anniversary - The Boar's Head (The day Sussex died)

We make no apology for quoting www.eastsussexww1.org today, the 100th anniversary of a lesser known battle of the First World War. One that was to haunt Edmund Blunden for the rest of his life.

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Margi Blunden and John Greening talk 'Undertones' with The Ivor Gurney Society

John Greening, editor of the comprehensive new 'Undertones of War' edition will be discussing the book with Margi Blunden at the Ivor Gurney Society on 7 May 2016.

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7 November: Event to commemorate WW1 in Clare

On Saturday 7 November the Suffolk town of Clare is holding an evening event to commemorate WW1. Lucy Edgeley, daughter of Edmund Blunden, will be there to read two of his poems.

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New edition of Undertones: 30 per cent discount

Oxford University Press is offering 30 per cent off the new edition of Undertones of War if you order it through their website.

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Find us on Facebook!

You can now follow the Edmund Blunden Society on Facebook.

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New illustrated edition of Undertones of War coming soon!

A new illustrated edition of Undertones of War is due to be published this September. The editor, John Greening, tell us more about this new edition.

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New edition of Undertones of War to be published in July 2015

Edited by John Greening and published by Oxford University Press a new edition of Undertones of War will be available in July 2015.

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A poem for Remembrance Sunday 2014

To commemorate Remembrance Sunday we turn to a famous poem of Blunden's in which he asks himself if he can remember the war. He discovers he can, accessing hazy memories from the back of his mind that evolve into the sharp, clear and disturbing images of the last stanza.

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Undertones of War exhibition at the Redoubt, Eastbourne

In commemoration of the outbreak of World War I, the Redoubt Fortress Military Museum in Eastbourne explores the poetry of Edmund Blunden in a fascinating exhibition.

The exhibition is open seven days a week 10am-5pm until 16 November 2014.

Jo Seaman, Heritage Officer at Eastbourne Borough Council tells us more about the exhibition.

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