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Undertones of War: A companion guide


The new companion guide:
- signposts chapters, based on the Penguin Modern Classics edition 2010
- places the original poem titles within the context of the action
- includes a timeline in date order from Blunden's original prose account of 'A Battalion History'
- has an index to help the reader to follow some of the people and places.

Published by The Edmund Blunden Society in 2011, so far it has only been available privately. Because of positive feedback from both academic and general readers we have decided to make it available through the website.

Compiler Martin Chown said:

"I have read and re-read Undertones of War. Each time it is like the first time, with its rich colours and its unique ability to place the reader in the shoes of the author who describes himself as a 'soldier in a shepherd's coat'. With the companion guide I can locate events, people and places, descriptive passages and see the poems in their original context without distraction from Blunden's beautiful prose."

We recommend you read the companion guide in conjunction with the 2010 edition of Undertones which has an introduction by historian Hew Strachan and a glossary. Together they will give you a great deal of help to fully appreciate 'the best English book of its kind.'

Copies are six pounds fifty each, plus post and packaging. Place your order by clicking on the link below.

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