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New selected poems by Robyn Marsack


Robyn Marsack has done invaluable work to bring to the public's attention the prose and poetry of Edmund Blunden.

In 1982 only eight years after Blunden's death she edited her own selection of his poems for Carcanet. To mark centenary of the end of the First World War, she has updated her original selection and written a new introduction, added notes and also included a postscript exploring Blunden's position in 20th century poetry. The edition sits as a companion piece to her selection of Blunden's war prose Fall In, Ghosts. The two books together bring back into print the work of a major poet and author with a unique interpretation of the experience of life and war.

The Irish poet, Michael Longley said of Blunden's poetry:

"Just as it took time for us to recognise Undertones of War as the deepest of the great war memoirs, so it has become increasingly clear that Edmund Blunden's haunted, tender, painfully attentive poems will live as long as the language lives."

The selection has been published as part of the Carcanet Classics series and is available to purchase online.

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